We Do So Care!

Nola.com has (had?) posted video of all the speeches yesterday: Rev. John Raphael, Jr.; Karen Gadbois; Jerome Jones, Bart Everson, Glen David Andrews, Nakita Shavers, Raj Pannu and Rev. Norwood Thompson, Jr. I have some audio of some of the speakers plus Charmaine Neville singing in the crowd. I’ll post those as I can.

vanity mayorkaren and charmainejerome joneseverson 1

nagin everson glen davis andrewsnikita shavers

Nagin, Karen Gadbois and Charmaine Neville, Jerome Jones, Bart Everson, Nagin watching Everson, Glen Davis Andrews, Nakita Shavers

Link to photos.

Update: See b.rox for links to pictures and other media and Indymedia for the audio of the event and individual speeches.


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4 Responses to We Do So Care!

  1. Laurie says:

    The look on Nagin’s face: “Did I forget to get the dry cleaning last week?”

  2. Adrastos says:

    Your hubby’s pics are outstanding, G.

  3. G Bitch says:

    He IS excellent. (You should see him with a Leica and b&w. He should be getting paid for it, uh?) He ran out of batteries and was trying to do other things, too. My favorite is the shot of Nagin looking right at him, and clearly not amused.

  4. Adrastos says:

    Oh I love, classic b & w photography. There’s nothihng like it.

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