35th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

The Girl has strep throat. Nasty. I had a case in 1999 that I got at Tulane and needed 2 rounds of antibiotics over the course of a month to get rid of.


It is the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Sign the We Had Abortions petition (I wish I could sign it every year; you do not have to donate to sign) then fight the silence and tell a story. The story may be your abortion, your sister’s, the woman who gets on the streetcar every morning same time you do, your favorite high school teacher, your father, your childhood doctor.

The case and the issue are not purely about the procedure of abortion, about ending pregnancies, regardless of the age, race or SES of the woman involved, but who gets to say what happens in my (or your or her) uterus when and why. And there is much more to it than conception and carrying to term. There’s birth, nursing, diapers and paying for those diapers, staying home Friday night for a few months or years, taking a 5-lb bag of supplies with you everywhere for 2-4 years, schools (a scary-ass proposition in some parts, including NOLA), meals, algebra, a roof, clean water and discipline but more importantly love, care and nurture. No one, even if she is just a woman or a baby, should be forced into such.

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