The Democratic Delegate Debate–Improptu Liveblogging

Mister said this debate was great TV for the Democrats, that it showed them being transparent, which the Republicans haven’t and cannot be, and trying to be adult and fair and rational.

And then Harold Ickes started to speak on Michigan’s delegates. He used the phrase “you bet your ass” twice. Things were looking adult until Ickes’ HRC-representative hysteria and hyperbole.

Mister: There goes the high road.

Then a hiss of disgust.

5:56 pm: Over 4 delegates.

5:57: You are dishonoring your candidates when you interrupt the speakers.

Finally. It’s been embarrassing, as if yelling and clapping and booing will make the decision. Double ick. As far as I’m concerned, they broke the rules, they take the penalty, they get nothing. Sometimes, you have to take your lumps. I tell my students that, I tell The Girl Plessy that with as much compassion and lovingkindness as I can. Sometimes, the rules hurt.

5:58: Major heckler, What about Iowa? Iowa? Why is that relevant? The audience is ruining it all.

6:02: Hit ’em.

And then we get the weird electrical/bug-in-the-wall buzz interference we get from time to time in all our electronics.

6:04: …I think MI represents a lot of what’s right in this country.

Do you know that Detroit is in Michigan? And Flint?

6:05: …the 600K voters…the 600K voters…

What about the ones who didn’t vote because they were told it wouldn’t count?

And the vote…

All right–it’s over.

Only 8 opposed. No abstentions. MI motion carries.

6:09: ome people might have to be thrown out.

19 in favor.

We have no further business before the meeting today…

6:11: The cmte. is thanked for a job well done. Amen, says the atheist. Under ridiculous conditions. Yelling is not the democratic process. Shouting people down is not the way to change the status quo. Triple ick.

6:13: ..raucous…

That’s Hillary’s fault. Her campaign told them to go down there and get loud.

Red wine spill. I don’t know what the hell’s happening.

6:20: Weird laugh from the MILFy anchor.

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